Udham Singh Poster: April 13, 1919, hundreds of unarmed men, women and children were killed or injured at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Twenty-one years later on March 13, 1940, Shaheed Udham Singh avenged that massacre by killing Michael O’Dwyer. Udham Singh or as he called himself Mohammad Singh Azad because this name showed unity against the British rule at that time, delivered his revenge with love from Panjab. Freedom fighters from Panjab led the revolution due to fearless men like Shaheed Udham Singh.

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Udham Singh Poster: Careful thought has gone into researching these posters. Bringing something new and refreshing to share our Sikh culture with.


Width – 18″
Height – 24″
Semi-gloss paper
Offset printed using soy based inks