Mata Bhag Kaur, also known as Mai Bhago, is considered a saint warrior as she was the first woman in Panjab to fight on a battlefield. She earned her respect as she persuaded 40 men (the ‘Chali Mukhte’), who had left Anandpur Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh Ji while it had been under attack, to return and fight with honour and regain the blessing of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. She was the only female who had the honour of serving as one of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s bodyguards. The poster shows Mata Bhag Kaur leading the Chali Mukhte towards battle and ultimately their glorious martyrdom. Mata Ji is fully armed and the musket in her hand is an artist’s depiction of her actual musket that is still on display. There are different sizes of muskets that Mata Ji kept, the one in the drawing is the one she held on horseback.

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Careful thought has gone into researching these posters. Bringing something new and refreshing to share our culture with.


Width – 24″
Height – 18″
Semi-gloss paper
Offset printed using soy based inks