Sava lakh. The literal translation is 125,000. We’ve heard the quote “Sava lakh se ek ladaun tabhi Gobind Singh naam kahaun” which translated is “Call me Gobind Singh, only when each of my sikhs will fight with more than one and a quarter lakh of enemy.” Sava lakh is an expression that has been used to exemplify power and strength by equating the strength of 1 person to 125,000 people. Many have attributed this to the Battle of Chamkaur where it was 40 versus millions. Guru Gobind Singh Ji used this expression to instil strength and courage to the 40 who were ready to lay down their lives. The words sava lakh empower sikhs or anyone that lives by the principles to evoke change, to be able to make a difference regardless of the odds. These words don’t just express a number, but express the power each of us has inside of us. The power to change the world.

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