Hari Singh Nalwa was well known for breaking the jaw and killing a tiger who had attacked him. He was given the nickname of Baagh Mar (Tiger Killer). After this incident he was given command of a regiment of the Sikh Empire’s army. He won his first big battle at Attock in 1813 and this was the first victory of the Sikhs over the Empire of Afghanistan. Afghan mothers would use the name ‘Nalwa’ as a term of the ‘Boogeyman’ to scare and discipline their kids. In creating this poster, the main focus was the portrayal of his conquests. To depict that, the map of the Durrani Afghani Empire was placed on the ground in front of his horse. The hoof of the horse is carefully displayed at the border of the enemy. The sword and musket are actual depictions of weapons used by the Sikh Empire during that era. The regal style blanket on his horse was placed on higher ranking officials’ horses of the Sikh Army to show prestige.

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Careful thought has gone into researching these posters. Bringing something new and refreshing to share our culture with.


Width – 24″
Height – 18″
Semi-gloss paper
Offset printed using soy based inks