Banda Singh Bahadur was living the life of a monk named Madho Das when Guru Gobind Singh Ji turned him into the warrior that we know today. He challenged the Mughal Empire in Panjab at a time when there was high oppression and people were looking for a brave liberator. One atrocity burning in the hearts of Khalsa was the execution of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s two young sons. Though the Khalsa was outnumbered and outgunned, the Khalsa defeated Wazir Khan’s army. Sirihind was torn down brick by brick as depicted in the picture and Nishaan Sahibs were hoisted above the ruins of Wazir Khan’s palaces.

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Careful thought has gone into researching these posters. Bringing something new and refreshing to share our culture with.


Width – 18″
Height – 24″
Semi-gloss paper
Offset printed using soy based inks