Our About Us is longer than most brands. It’s because we believe in what we do and feel it’s important to convey that to you. We have put a lot of thought and time into this and hope that you read it all and appreciate what we are trying to do. Your time is precious and we believe that you will find value in reading the below and truly understanding us. With that…here is Veerhood.

Veerhood. Veer stands for brother. Veerhood is brotherhood, but it’s much more than that. Veerhood stands for anyone, men or women who believe in learning about our Sikh culture and history. Veerhood is about building a connection to our past so that we can take those values and beliefs and translate them into today’s world. These connections will be the flame within us that will allow each one of us to start our journeys. I, myself, had to start a journey of self-discovery and learning about my past to be able to prepare for the future with my kids. This is where Veerhood was born.

Veerhood is a brand focused on bringing our Sikh history and culture together in a way that makes sense. This is a world where everything is connected through technology and primarily communicated through social media platforms. The messaging has to be concise but appealing to the younger generations. This is a key guiding principle in everything we do. If it’s not eye catching, we don’t do it. It is important that when you wear our designs, you are proud of how we have portrayed the concept and you yourself are connected to it. It is not just about the look, but the substance and meaning we strive for. Another principle of ours. If it doesn’t have substance and meaning, we will not create it. Our brand is built on substance and thoughtful messaging.

Starting with our apparel, every design is carefully thought through. We do not believe in putting messaging on a t-shirt or shirt just for a sale. We believe that every design should tell a story. Hence why we include a postcard with every piece of apparel that tells the story of the design; why we designed it, what it means and most importantly, how it connects to our history and culture.

Our podcast was created to tell not only stories of our past and Sikh culture, but to tell the stories of our community. Our community struggles with many different subjects from domestic violence, alcoholism to mental illness, etc. We want our podcast to allow for people to engage in conversations about these topics and together be able to learn and discuss subjects that have been tabooed for way too many years in our community. It is an opportunity to hear different perspectives that you may be able to relate to and look for reassurance that you’re on the right path.

Our posters are focused on showing our history and cultural elements in a new way. A way that takes the essence of who we are and elevates it to a level that goes mainstream. We must allow our history and culture to become a part of mainstream so that our community can build connections in today’s world while living our values and beliefs from yesterday’s world. This is another principle of our brand, creating content that hasn’t been done before and building it so that it can rival anything out there. We want our history and culture to always have that mainstream feel. This allows for conversations to branch outside of our community which helps educate others about who we are as a people and what we believe in.

We believe in giving back. As part of our seva, we donate $1 from each garment produced to the Seva Food Bank. Located in Ontario, Canada, the Seva Food Bank shares the same values as Veerhood. Our objectives are grounded in our values of optimism (chardi kala), humility (nimrata) and service (seva), inspired by the community (sangat) for the benefit of all (sarbat da bhalla). For these reasons, Seva Food Bank is our primary seva partner of choice. We also do work with many other organizations as seva is something that needs to be done in many parallel paths, not just one.

All of this is built on the foundation of truth. A truth that is entrenched in values and morals which at times will not be aligned to the status quo or potentially be controversial in someone’s point of view. These are values and opinions that we never have or would force upon anyone. In today’s world, it is important to believe in the truth, honesty and integrity, even if it exposes or hurts someone. We believe in taking a stand against wrong doings. Doings such as suppressing individuals based on religion, sex, colour, beliefs, etc. regardless of who they are. These views might be viewed as political. In our view it is being human. Many prefer to stay silent or not associate themselves to these truths and we can understand why but Veerhood will not. We believe in truth and azadi (freedom) and this is what Veerhood is built on.

Our about us is longer than most but we feel it is important to share the thought processes behind who we are. We hope it shows the care for not just our brand but everything we do. It’s about building connections with you so that you too can start your journey.

Welcome to our journey. Welcome to Veerhood.