Veerhood. The literal translation is a relationship between brothers – the symbolism however, extends to a community of people, both men and women, linked by common interests. We are bringing like-minded individuals together and reinforcing the importance of keeping the legacy of our Panjabi culture alive.

Conversations have evolved into VeerRadio podcasts and videos that showcase how Panjabis are connected. Our apparel weaves a story that connects back to our roots. It is these stories that we are drawing knowledge from to showcase through a variety of platforms, such as, our posters and postcards to disseminate information through art and literature.

Creating Legacy

For many, being unable to trace our history and traditions is a sad reality. We want to build legacy. We want our Panjabi culture and tradition to be accessible without being preachy or pushy. For us, our brand essence is one in the same as our personal values. We are genuinely interested. We want to help generations harness their identity and roots proudly. But more than that, we want to help spread Panjabi history and tradition to a new, more mainstream generation of global Panjabis. We avoid poking fun or narrowing the view of Panjabi culture in our designs. Instead, we thread together the complexity and diversity of Panjabis, strengthening our identity and acknowledging our relationship to the land and its people.

Our Seva (Giving Back)

As part of our seva, we donate $1 from each garment produced to the Seva Food Bank. Located in Ontario, Canada, the Seva Food Bank shares the same values as Veerhood. Our objectives are grounded in our values of optimism (chardi kala), humility (nimrata) and service (seva), inspired by the community (sangat) for the benefit of all (sarbat da bhalla). For these reasons, Seva Food Bank is our seva partner of choice.

Our Messaging 

Everything that we share through Veerhood has a message. We carefully develop our materials with much thought and selectively decide which path will be the best to deliver the message. Our foundation is our apparel but we are evolving and include VeerRadio podcasts, videos and print materials, such as postcards and posters.

Every garment includes a message. Our messages do more than compliment our vision: they build on them, deepen their meaning, and enable connections that would not exist otherwise. It is this combination of radical thinking and attention to detail that serves to recognize our link to Panjab and its people. Not only does our brand attempt to unify our dispersed diaspora of Panjab, but it indirectly helps to heal and forge stronger bonds within our community. As a brand, we have the power to initiate change by finding and bridging the gap as points of overlap, dialogue, empowerment and, most importantly, human connection. Fundamentally grassroots, we are constantly innovating and pushing boundaries with our content to educate, inspire, or spark much needed conversations.

This is our journey in bridging a community of people — together. Welcome to Veerhood.