September is upon us and it’s back to school. I have always equated the start of a new year with going back to school. It’s all about a fresh start, new surroundings and the opportunity to learn and be challenged. A couple of months have passed since our Veerhood | Bridging the Gap launch event. Time sure flies! What have you been up to? A couple of months ago, we were wrapping up another school year with our girls and preparing for the event. It’s interesting how the end of one school year is just as busy as the beginning of another. With that being said, we can share that we are in a similar hustle and bustle with Veerhood now as we were in June.

One major ask from the event and through our various social media outlets to you all was to share it forward. Share Veerhood’s message about cultural awareness, bridging the gap between generations and either reviving or sharing (depending on where you are in your journey of discovery) our rich history.

Veerhood has explored a variety of avenues to continue sharing the message. Wherever the opportunity arises, we have tried our best to share it forward. This has included story telling with all those around us, listening to what others have to say and their insights, networking with like-minded individuals, seeking out opportunities where knowledge may be gained and VeerRadio.

VeerRadio is our platform to give today’s issues and thoughts a voice. Our way of sharing it forward. Visibly our energy has been going into VeerRadio and the content that is shared and discussed. Co-host Jaz Lottay’s research, attention to detail and story-telling makes the weekly episodes educational and entertaining. His humour, diversity and personal experiences make the content relatable to all generations. Your feedback and support has been appreciated and translated into what you hear every Sunday night on SoundCloud or iTunes with our episodes.

We want to highlight some of our current day issues while providing thought-provoking information of our past. Ironically they are both entwined with each other some way or some how. That path may calmly continue, take sharp turns or divide up but when you look back, the thread is one. We are one, we are ek.

One thing that is very important to us is to never let anyone feel ashamed for not knowing something. After all, we don’t know everything. We learn something new everyday. We ask questions to ensure that we are piquing our own curiosity and learning more about our Panjabi culture. We continually ask for feedback and insight from you to ensure that our messages are being understood and to bring forward any items that you may have experienced that will be a learning opportunity for others.

With that being said, we are evolving through radio and expanding via numerous initiatives. We have been developing a fitness line that will meet the needs of our athletes along with those that are looking for a style that exhibits versatility. There are many more styles in creative mode alongside this one. Our mission is to infiltrate the message via as many means as possible. This is a little insight into what is in the works on our end for you.

We ask you, what have you done or are doing to share it forward? If you have not had the opportunity to make your thoughts a reality, we challenge and encourage you to start sharing. It is never too late to start nor is any caliber of an attempt too small. In order for us to ensure our culture’s legacy is retained, we must embrace it now and focus on learning it, asking questions, evoking conversations and getting our younger generation excited about the Panjabi culture. Without doing this, we are not doing our job. Veerhood is the people’s brand so let’s have all like-minded people continue to share it forward.