Connecting with like-minded individuals is not easy. Let me rephrase, it is easy to connect with them but finding them sometimes can be a little more challenging. At times, I feel that we are hesitant in showing our true colours in fear of what others may potentially think. However, when that connection occurs, it is amazing. The dreams, visions and possibilities are endless.

The growth that has happened within Veerhood from the days of talking about ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could’ to planning for our official bridging the gap launch event is surreal! Watching the vision become a reality has been hard work but very rewarding. Connecting with individuals in the community and starting up conversations has been most fulfilling. The positive affirmation from others that this is what we should be doing and we need more people talking about the importance of Panjabi culture and history has been overwhelming.

My biggest learning is that the majority of us have very similar upbringings despite what tier of generation we are. We are doing something right as things are getting passed from generation to generation. The content is diluted but we are doing it innately. Can you imagine the influence we could have and the preservation of culture that there could be if we put a little effort and knowledge into this? Mind-blowing! We belong to a rich and diverse culture that has many influential individuals within it, from the past to current state.

History is still being addressed and rectified in modern society today. This triggers searching even further into our own history about those who struggled and chose to fight for a stand as they were proud to be Panjabi. In today’s melting pot of society, we embrace and accept individuals for who they are and what they bring to the table. However, the key is melting pot. This is great to be open and accepting but we want to allow for some preservation as well. Yes embrace new experiences but at the same time, ensure that you understand where you came from and what your culture is all about.

As we juggle our daily life of responsibilities within our careers, to our children and parents, and making sure that as husband and wife we are appreciating each other, pursuing our vision of Veerhood has been self-satisfying and motivating. In the midst of planning for our launch event, we have the honour of attending Seva Spark 2016 hosted by the Seva Food Bank in Ontario. For those of you that are unaware of this organization, they “provide safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food to low-income families living in Mississauga.” Please check out their website at They are a true community partner that provides for the better good of society to a vulnerable population that needs it. We are proud to be collaborating with this group and look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals.

This is a little behind the scenes insight on what is going on in Veerhood’s world. There is a lot of thinking, creating, sharing, planning, collaborating and lots more planning going on. However, despite the work and long hours, the learning and discovery is very exciting! We do have our hands full over the next couple of weeks but we are looking forward to heading to Ontario and embracing our experience with Seva Food Bank and meeting some wonderful like-minded individuals on the east coast.